Hello,guys. So my problem is that my cpu is throttling. It is the fx8350, I havent overclocked it. The cpu cooler I use is

Hello,guys. So my problem is that my cpu is throttling. It is the fx8350, I havent overclocked it. The cpu cooler I use is deepcool maelatorm 240. The case is define r5.

So when im playing bf4 the cpu (not the cores) reaches 60 degrees it slows itself down and because of that from 100 fpa my game drops to 20-30 for like 2-3 seconds,which is soo annoying.

Can you please tell me a way to reduce the CPUTIN temperature?

Thank you in advance. I have tried so many things but nothing seems to help.
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  1. What is your motherboard?
  2. turn up the fan speed on the rad if it isn't high enough. Also make sure the pump is running at max speed.
  3. If it isn't getting the full 12v from the fan header the pump is plugged into that could also affect performance and temps.
  4. I think the pump is at full speed. It is connected to the 3 pin headee of the mobo. The mobo is asrock 970 pro3 r2.0 and I run the fans at 80 %there is no difference if they are at 100. The temperatures of the cores drop to like 10 degrees when idle to 35, on load the cores temp goes up to 47-49 but very rarely.
  5. but the 8350 doesn't usually throttle till around 65 degrees celcius...
  6. The motherboard you are using has a less robust power delivery system and is not really suitable for running a FX8350 at stock and certainly not for overclocking it. It is possible that your throttling is because of motherboard overheating. Going to a liquid cooler makes this problem worse because there is no motherboard cooling from the radiator fans. One thing to do would be to open up the case and see if it helps. Or you can temporarily zip ties a case fan to cool the motherboard. If this helps, then it is a sign that the motherboard is limiting your CPU.
  7. if it is really running hot then you may need to underclock
  8. But the frequency of the cpu doesnt slow down when the CPUTIN temperature is not reaching the 60 degree temp. I will try this. I tjink the define r5 case fans do move some air but.. This throttling is really annoying.
  9. If it is a motherboard issue, the CPU core temperatures will not necessarily reflect this. Measuring temperatures is problematic because AMD uses algorithms and indirect methods, other than direct thermocouples. What does AMD's Overdrive say?
  10. I havent checked amd overdrive, will do tonight
  11. http://prntscr.com/9ftkbc There is the pic of overdrive and HWmonitors current temp when idle. :)
  12. The temperatures vary. when Im not using the PC ( like I mean its only the HWmonitor without me doing anything, the temps go to 10 degrees , which is perfect for me, and when Im browsing they go to like 30-40 sometimes and then back down to like 15
  13. Ok, so here are some pics after playing bf4 for 10 minutes. the first one :


    second one ( at the time of throttling... this time it started at 59 degrees) :


    and the third one - after I exited the game ( Look at the temperatures):

  14. Ok. see what happened now. I think that is some kind of a bug in the software ( HWmonitor) cause... take a look:


    FIrst: what is TMPIN4 and second - How come this will happen without completely destroying the CPU and it doesnt show in the other programs
  15. Forget HWMonitor. As I said, only Overdrive is vaguely reliable.

    Look at your second pic. You CPU has slowed down, your voltage has dropped down to less than 0.9V. I think that's motherboard throttling.
  16. But the mobo temperature in the other program is just 33 degrees or smth like that
  17. Oh, I understand. It is not suitable for the fx 8350.. Sooo I have to change the mobo? Are you sure that this is going to fix the problem? Somewhere ive read that the 970 series are not good for 8 core CPUS and that im supposed to get 99series or 990 something like that
  18. 1. NO. I'm NOT CERTAIN replacing the motherboard will fix the problem. I'd be more certain if you could cool the motherboard with a fan and see if it helps.

    There are several possibilities, I'm working on the motherboard, Kevern_11 is working on your cooler.

    The challenge with this sort of problem is to correctly identify it. It requires reliable data and careful testing and adjusting.

    I KNOW that motherboard is not suitable for doing what you want (like using a Mini Cooper as a taxi-cab). The board's power phases will run the chip, but not at the levels you want (stock + gaming stress).

    I'd like to get an idea of the throttling, if any. Could you please download the free 3DMark benchmark software and run all four parts, Ice Storm, Cloud Gate, Sky Diver, and Fire Strike, and report to us the Graphics, Physics, and Combined scores. We can then compare those with other similar systems and from the differences, identify the limits of your system.

    What is your GPU?
  19. My gpu is the Sapphire r9 390 Nitro OC 1040 mhz. Non overclocked by me. I will run the tests tonight, cause im at work right now. And thanks for helping me :)
  20. So, guys, here are the results. I will post some pictures:

    Ice Storm 1.2 : http://prntscr.com/9g61vo

    Cloud Gate 1.1: http://prntscr.com/9g64a0

    Sky Diver 1.0 : http://prntscr.com/9g68a2

    Fire Strike 1.1 : http://prntscr.com/9g6co3
  21. Guys, I am almost sure that the northbridge ( if even possible ) is slowing down my CPU. It is absolutely hot to touch and now ( i opened up my case) the throttling or the fps drop appeared at 56 degrees of the CPU socket ! So Im definitely getting a 40mm fan and I will try yo put it onto the heatsink
  22. Thanks.

    Looking at the Fire Strike and comparing to an 8Gb, FX 8350 running at 4.0Ghz with a MSI 390 (don't know exactly which one we have:

    Graphics: 13497 vs 12402
    Physics: 8457 vs 7420
    Combined: 3252 vs 2871
    Benchmark: 9610 vs 8657

    What model of GPU and what speed is your CPU?
  23. Sapphire R9 390 Nitro OC edition at 1040 mhz and fx 8350 4ghz.
  24. Great. So you can see that your CPU, which drives the Physics is definitely running slow and throttling in some way. It may also be limiting the GPU. If you can get a fan blowing on the motherboard, give it time to cool and re-run the same benchmark and see what the difference is. Hopefully, you will get another 1000 or so on your Physics.
  25. OK,mate. I boughr a 40mm fan, places it on the Northbridge aaand its all the same, the temperature tho dropped with 3-4 degrees, but the voltage drop is here again. I ran occt and I can see that the voltgae is dropping, aswell as the frequency. I disabled the cpu throttling option from the bios and the cool n quiet too.. Nothing has changed.. I dont know what to so anymore
  26. So you got exactly the same (or nearly so) when you re-ran Fire Strike? If the voltage eto the CPU is dropping under load, you have a motherboard or PSU problem.

    I'm surprised that the temperature dropped so little. You don't have a 120mm case fan you could move temporarily?
  27. My psu Is brand new evga supenova 750w, got it like 2-3 weeks ago. And what do u mean with the 120mm fan? Oh, to make it cool the chipset, OK, will give it a try!
  28. But the voltage is not droping every time I play.. Mostly when the CPUTIN temperature reaches 60 degrees C. Yesterday I used amd's target fps control, capped bf4's fps to target 65 and it seems to overheat way slower
  29. It's only dropping when the motherboard get too hot, I think. Capping the FPS reduced the CPU load and hence the voltage demand.
  30. Yeah, I guess that is all I can do about that problem? In the hardware monitor says that the mobo temp is 32 at idle and to 40 when im playing games. I dont know. At least it is not overheating that quickly now.
  31. Try a second fan on the backside of the board? Both fans blowing on the VRM/power delivery area.
  32. Will do it,mate! Merry Christmas!
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