Problem with the Heatpipe?

My case is that I cut the end of the heatpipe of my TT Frio Heatsink, in order for it to fit my Casing. After I put it all back in place, I suddenly noticed that the temps skyrocketed up to 75C under heavy load. Is the reason because of what I did with the heatpipe? Thanks in advance!

My system specs:
Z97 MX Gaming 5
Thermal Take FRIO CLP0564
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  1. Yep, you can't cut heatpipes.
    I thought they were filled with liquid, but AFAIK, they are NOT solid and cannot be cut.
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    they are filled with a fluid, that changes from liquid to gas as it heats and cools, so your HSF is now a paperweight. Just goes to prove how much impact the fluid has, vs just the copper.
  3. Yep, cut heat pipe=Trash.
  4. Thanks for the answers guys. I guess, it's really a blunder on my part.
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