added 2nd sata hd boots to original dr c has dvd as second and new drive 3rd as sata2 bios sees the new drive installs the dr

needed more storage. I installed a new hard drive in an older computer. original configuration was a serial ata wd1600aajs hard drive and a serial ata dvd writer on sata ports 0 and 1. I added a wd1600aajs serial hard drive to sat port 2 bios installed drivers but when I went to see the drive to format it . it only shows drive c and the dvd writer motherbosrd is a intel dp43tf adr os is win vista home.
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  1. Hi there francis8,

    You should provide some more information on the issue you are facing.
    Is the drive recognized by BIOS?
    In case it is not, you need to try using different cables. You can attach it to another SATA port. It will not hurt try it on another machine. That way you will be absolutely sure if there is something wrong with the HDD or you should further troubleshoot your system.
    In case it is, you need to go to Disk Management and initialize -> partition -> format it. If the drive is not recognized over there, then you need to go to your MOBO's website and update your drivers. Most of the times, when a drive is recognized by BIOS but not Disk Management, is because of a driver related issue.

    Let me know how this goes,
  2. thank you but found intel had a problem with its series 6 sata controller also sata ports 2 thru 5 has problems. not sure tho haven't fixed the problem but thank you for your time
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