How to fix "No Boot Disk Has Been Detected Or The Disk Has Failed" when all F keys aren't working?

I have tried many tutorials, to solve this problem, but they all are either to complicated, or my computer (which is an 8 I believe) I tried using F1 and F2 but nothing showed up. So I think I need to get a new disk but I am not sure quite yet.
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    Welcome to the community, Mark!

    I'd recommend you to test the HDD on another computer and see if it will get properly detected there. If it does, you should try running the manufacturer's HDD diagnostic tool and check up on the health and SMART status before attempting to install anything on that drive.
    I'd also try reseating the SATA connections to the drive and make sure that BIOS actually recognizes it and is in the boot order.

    If you'd give us more details about your system, that might be helpful as well.

    Hope this helps. Keep me posted. :)
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