What capture card should i buy for 2 computer streaming.

I'm looking for a capture card to stream CSGO gameplay to twitch on 2 computers. 1 high end stationary computer i7 and a high end MSI laptop.
I need help with what capture card i should buy and setup etc.

Any help is very much appreshiated! :D
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    Have a go with this:

    Likewise you have brands such as Elgato, Avermedia, Matrox to name a few.

    You can have a read through this thread to help you get a foot up on the matter. You've also figured out that your budget will govern which route you take in your purchase.

    Further reading material:

    If you're looking to drop in a capture card into your system then there are PCIe versions available by the above stated manufacturers
    but from what I understand one system needs to offload streaming duties.

    Hope this helps.
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