New build motherboard recommendation for intel pentium g3258 that works best for overlocking.

hello every one, my friend want to build a new gaming computer and since I gave him my intel pentium g3258 and so he want to know what are some recommendation on the motherboard. I told him to get the GIGABYTE GA-H81M-DS2V LGA 1150 but he don't want to get that. However, he told me that there is a Gigabyte B85M which is better, and there is a MSI z97 motherboard. So please help me + my friend to decide what motherboard is a best a this cpu. He is going to use this computer for gaming therefore I think he will overclock it. Thank you very much!
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  1. What is your budget? Go Z97 if you want to overclock, here is a decent cheap one below.
  2. hello, my budget is 80-
  3. Shellock said:
    hello, my budget is 90-

    Yeah I would go for the one I linked then, its a good board for the price and should do pretty well overcloking the G3258.
  4. thanks, is there any more motherboard is cheaper than that? cause we have to get a cpu cooler too. and that is cost about 20-30$$ already :(
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    How about this much cheaper should still do ok:

    Thread of all non z motherboards that support overcloking the G3258, it might help:
  6. thank you very much :) Times to do more homework :)
  7. No problem, good luck.
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