Old PC wont let me go into BIOS?

Trying to restore an older PC, and when it boots up it shows the motherboard splash for a good 7 seconds then it flashes the BIOS loading screen for barely half a second, not enough time to see what it really says or even react to F12 / DEL key spamming it seems. Or maybe it's not registering my USB keyboard, as I remember PS2 keyboards seemed to work better when its just booting up. If I disconnected the hard drive etc would it be forced to load BIOS?

I'm wondering if I could get Linux like Ubuntu or something on it, since the OS is broken and it's blue screening.
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  1. Look up the model # (Dell ZZZ, HP QQQ) or motherboard, find out if it's F12 or del or ESC or F1 or....(see were I'm going).
  2. It could be your USB keyboard. However, you don't need to wait to start spamming right at the splash screen. Starting the spamming right as the computer boots will work as well. I'd suggest looking up which key it would be for the BIOS screen. If you know it's F12 or DEL, just try spamming one starting with when the computer starts up.
  3. Ye I spam the delete button the moment the pc turns on till it gets into the BIOS. My new motherboards BIOs actually shows up for a few seconds while my pervious motherboard didn't even show the splash screen but still could get to BIOS if I spammed the delete key.
  4. Pull the cmos battery for 10 minutes until it forgets what it is and then it should moan on next start up and offer to go in to BIOS.
  5. I looked it up and it's DEL key... I just unplugged the hard drive and it wasn't even a BIOS prompt from what I could tell it just said couldn't boot please insert CD to boot from. Since I just want to get Linux on it should I just put Ubuntu or something on a disk then get it to boot from that... but if the hard drives plugged in it will just blue screen..?

    Oh and my keyboard is doing this weird thing. I was plugging it in the old PC and it wasn't working.. then I tried plugging it back into my PC and it wasn't even working with my PC for awhile (now it's fine). I'm going to try another keyboard on this old PC, but I don't have a PS2 one.
  6. Alright I managed to get into BIOS with this other keyboard I guess my gaming keyboard is too advanced for this thing. Now I don't see that I can boot from USB.. Unless "Removable Device" is USB (thought it's only listing Floppy, unless it will show USB when I put a bootable one in?). Because I was thinking about putting a small Linux on a USB and installing that. I don't care what OS is on it I just want something on it.
  7. If your mb is old enough it may date from the time when usb ports needed a driver to work . That means they were unresponsive till after Windows had started.
    And booting from them was impossible
  8. I don't suppose anyone knows how to get Ubuntu or a light distro on a c/d to install into a PC? Is it as simple as burning an ISO to the disc, setting boot priority to DVD drive then it installs? I can't find a concise guide, and some tutorials are doing it differently.
  9. Download and burn an iso .
    It really is that simple
  10. Ok thanks is there any burner software you recommend that will write at a slow speed so nothing goes wrong?
  11. imgburn
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    a Linux distro that can force a boot from USB
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