Does anyone remember this game from the early 2000's?

Does anyone remember a game for the PC where you play a green thing trying to escape an underground place and you had to avoid the bigger things? I need the title please help me remember! It was the early 2000's and the school computers had this game and Spore as well. But I could never get past any part of the game so I don't have the power to say what came after the beginning.
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  1. Spore came out in 2008 so I don't think this was the early 00s. Can you give us any more detail on the description? What is a "thing"? Does it have legs, arms, wings, scales, does it talk? What about the "bigger things"? What does this underground place look like? Rocks, water, tunnels, pipes, bricks, stone, metal, rust? Was the view a platform style, overhead, first person, third person? Did you have any special abilities?
  2. timeconsumer,
    Cant you understand the concept of "a thing?" :D.
    Yes, the definition is sort of confusing.
    Thifsr thing that came to mind was Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
  3. cats_paw,
    The thing in my memory looked a lot like the critter in Oddworld, but mind you, I was playing this game during 3rd grade, and this Oddworld game is rated T.
    The game started out in a dark dungeon area, and the "things" we're like giant aliens in armor. I never got past the dungeon, that's all I can say.
  4. It sounds an awful lot like Oddworld, or one of the sequels. Just because it was rated T doesn't really mean you couldn't have been playing it.
    Except maybe Heart of Darkness:
    Or maybe Out of This World:
    There's really too many sidescroller games for your incredibly generic description to mean anything.
  5. I also have to concur with Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey, particularly that it was very difficult to get past the first level and I know a lot of people had trouble with it.
  6. I agree, but to be more specific, the game was third person, with a camera focus on the back of the character, like Link in the Zelda games for the Wii/GameCube/N64. The Oddworld game mentioned in the thread seems not the one since it's a sidescroller. Once again, it was rated T. Why would my elementary school allow that game to be on every PC?
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