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my cpu running at 3.7ghz without idle its that safe? cpu i5 2500k temp go 30-40 idle with load 50 i use antec 1250 antec cooler the turbo mode is enabled
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  1. Yeah, those temps and frequencies are fine and normal.
  2. but its running at 3.7 ghz without idle are you sure?
  3. Are you worried about temps or speed?

    That its running 3.7 on idle?

    Whats your system specs?
  4. i5 2500k
    asus v gene
    gtx 760
    8gb ram g skill
    antec 1250 cooler
    psu 750w platinum antec
  5. i worried about the speed
  6. ok running 3.7GHz is fine, it's designed to do that automatically with turbo. People have overclocked that processor in excess of 4GHz and over so 3.7 isn't hurting it at all. However there could be something else going on as turbo only kicks in when the extra processing power is required so check background running processes and run a malware/virus scanner checking there isn't anything happening you aren't aware while you think system is 'idle' but it's not.
  7. my bus speed is 99.76 its that ok ? i cant get it stable to 100.00 even i set the bclk to 100.00
  8. what are you talking about? are you trying to overclock?
  9. no.i just want my bus speed to 100
  10. jorj02 said:
    no.i just want my bus speed to 100

    so you want to overclock?
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