New cpu/mobo/windows10 install. BIOS sees hard drive windows doesn't.

Got a new cpu/mobo for an older box I have. Installed windows 10 on it. Like I always do when I install a new os I unplug every drive but the boot one and install it on that, then when its done I shut down the computer and plug the others in. It recognizes the boot drive, any drive I plug in to usb, one of the two storage drives, but not the other one. The BIOS/boot screen recognizes it but windows wont. It was working fine yesterday before I rebuilt this pc. Any suggestions of what to do?
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  1. Does it appear in the disk manager?

    right click start button > disk management
  2. Yes, it does. I... Why?

    It says it is dynamic and foreign and has a yellow ! on the little disk icon. I clicked import and its there now. I hate myself for not knowing this but really thank you for helping me figure this out,
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