Overclocking g3258, is it worth the extra money for a AIO water cooler?

Hi all,

I plan on building a modest htpc just after crimbo and I intend on getting a g3258 and overclocking it. I'll probably use a MSI z97 PC mate mobo but I'm still on the fence about a CPU cooler. I'll be using a silver stone GD10 case which has limited height for a CPU cooler, especially if you put in a optical drive.
What I'm wondering is would a AIO water cooler be better suited to the job then a low profile cooler? I'm considering getting a Corsair h55 AIO cooler which is £45-£50 or a Scythe Shruiken SCSK 1100 which is £25-£30.
Would the difference in cooling and noise be noticeable?
I also worry that because the H55s radiator covers one of the 120mm fans it would limit the airflow overall.
I've done my research but I'm still not sure about this and would really value the advise from some more experienced builders.
I know it's only a £20 saving but over all that could make a difference elsewhere.

Thanks in advance
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  1. For what exactly you will be using this build?
  2. First off, you don't need a Z97 to overclock the g3258. You just need to find a mobo that will do so. There are many, but I don't have link list.

    If you are building a htpc then why not just get a A10 or leave the cpu not overclocked. That way cooling it isn't an issue. Once you introduce something like the H55 you are adding a lot of noise. For a htpc I'd want it dead silent.

    Are you using this for simple tasks or is this your gaming computer in the living room?
  3. I'll be using it for gaming and movies mostly. Didn't want to go for a A10 as there's no real option to upgrade. With the g3258 I figure if I want to upgrade to a i5 later on I can do.
    I am intending on pairing the g3258 with something like a gtx 950 or even 960 if budget allows. I know what people will saying about it being a bit much for the cup but, as I said, I'd always have the option of upgrading later.
    Regarding the h81, I know you can overclock with most but was led to believe that it's not as straight forward and they don't wear nearly as well. Plus if I upgrade to a i5 later there would be no guarantee I could overclock it if I choose to do so.
    Sorry, I should have specified that I wanted to game on it.
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    If you want to upgrade later, get a second hand amd build. Like x6 1090t and 290 or 290x GPU.
  5. IT will be cheaper and 10 times more powerfull than what you want to build. For example I got WindforceX 290x for 250$ and before that I had VaporX 280X which I bought for 130 and sold for 150
  6. Hmmm, I see what you mean and I'll look into it but I'm really not sure about going second hand. I'm sure it's fine but this is a first build and I'd feel a little bit better knowing it was all new parts. Plus, it doesn't need to be crazy powerful or anything, especially out of the blocks. This is kind of a long term project.
    Either way, liquid cooler or air? Lol
  7. I had bought 10 pieces now second hand 8 of them didn't even tested them prior to purchase. Everything turned out fine. From my current build though, only my GPU is second hand.
  8. Listen save your money and go second hand. When you will have enough upgrade to the fullest. You better have cheaper much faster build than something that you wont be happy right from the begging due to poor performance. The 1090t is still a very good CPU you can get dirt cheap (I am not selling even that I already sold mine that I have bought second hand 2 years ago) pairing with the 290 or the 290x and you will be flying.
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