Laptop screen suddenly shuts off and computer freezes after a few minutes of use

SHORT SUMMARY: My laptop screen dies and the computer freezes and must be forced off after being on for a few minutes. I need help diagnosing the issue. It is not a loose screen connection or the graphics drivers.

I have had a Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 for a number of years, and starting yesterday, the screen turned off and I had to force the computer off.

When I turned it on, the screen lit up black, and the computer beeped once. I looked up what this meant, and found out it usually means a connection to the screen is loose.

I took out the battery and opened the computer, unplugging and replugging the connections on both ends, and making sure the cord was seated correctly. This made it work, for about 10 minutes, until the screen turned off again.

In my laptop's current state, it will turn on and function as normal, and then the screen will turn off after about 3 minutes, after startup. When the screen turns off, sometimes it recovers and says NVIDIA display driver crashed, so I updated those.

Does anyone have knowledge about this kind of problem and know what it might be? The single beeping noise when the computer fails to boot is my only clue.
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  1. Hi,

    First do test the GPU as well by connecting an external monitor and see if the same problem will persist. If the display will be normal or will not turn off that means it's the built in display that has the problem. If you've already unplug/replug the ribbon cable that connects the display to the motherboard and the same problem is happening I would suggest replacing that ribbon cable first and see if it will solve the issue but if you want to save time and money just replace the entire display already and it will come with a new set of ribbon cable as well.
  2. I believe I incorrectly identified the LCD connector as the problem- I let the screen shut off while a YouTube video was playing, and after a few seconds the sound became stuck, indicating the whole computer froze.

    I'm now not sure what the problem might be, and I will try observing what happens when I connect the laptop to an external monitor.
  3. I have hooked up the laptop to a monitor in duplicate mode. Both screens went black at the same time, so the issue is deeper than I thought. I updated the thread title and original post.

    Does someone know how to change my primary graphics from 750M (1) to 750M (2)? This will let me know if the issue is the graphics card.
  4. Bump, still unable to use my computer. Don't know how to diagnose.
  5. UPDATE!
    My computer froze during startup once again, but this time the screen did not die. Instead, a blue screen was displayed, and not the BSoD, just a plain blue screen.
  6. first do disk clean up (select all option including system files { box... bottom left } ) and system defragment.... try installing all the games and those huge softwares in some other drives.. try to keep ur C drive as much as clean in can be... also disable all the startups... it should be in ur task manager if u are using win10... and also check for virus...
    i guess these should do the tricks..

    still same issues then its bcoz ur lap is overheating... open it up and clean the vents... and it should be fine..
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