I have an BD-RE Drive that wont play DVD's

I have an BD-RE Drive product number wh16ns40 that wont play my DVD's. I have updated drivers and uninstalled and re-installed drivers and updated the firmware. It plays CD's just fine but not my DVD's. Any Ideas?
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    What OS & program are you trying to use to play DVDs?

    I'm going to hazard a guess at Windows 10 and looking for it to natively play DVDs?
    MS took that function away......unless you upgraded from W7 or some versions of W8 where it was included.

    If this is new W10, or an upgrade from an OS that didn't have'll cost you $15 in the "windows store"

    Otherwise, download VLC Player and use that.
  2. I am using W10. I already downloaded VLC but it doesn't want to play them either. Thanks I though I might have to use something from the windows store but I didn't want to spend the money unless I was sure it wasn't a drive problem. Thank you.
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