Need advice for running quite new and old games and if i am wasting my time!

So i recently got a new latpop with the following specs

CPU: Intel Core i5 2540m @ 2.6ghz
Model: HP Elitebook 8560p

it runs lovely and its technically the best laptop i've ever bought, cost me £170 in almost new condition.

now i like running many games, especially old ones like persona 3 on the ps2 emu and they are running at the best i can hope for, but it slows down when bosses do certain things and then speeds back up. sure i can improve this with optimising but that isnt help for this game im after here.

i recently bought the witcher 3 off gog and didnt realise it was so new! needless to say i cant exactly run it on high details however it is in a "playable" state with everything turned off and it still looks good but if there was anything extra i could turn off or do to optimise it to run a 5 fps or something faster just to give me that fluidity it would be great.

as a hopeful question i was wondering if i am using all of my gpu, while running the game i have noticed i only use 4.3gb ram max of out my 8gb and the cpu is only running at around 20%. I know this is probably because the gpu cant handle anything more but i thought i may aswell ask!

Please dont suggest i get a desktop or buy a better laptop as neither option is possible ;)

Thanks in advance! any advice(including general gaming advice for me) will be appreciated, i dont mind too much about the quality of the games just that they run fluidly!

ps. as a final question how do you think i would get on with running ark: survival evolved on min settings?
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  1. Hello...
    your CPU is great... but the typical over named/numbered... under powered 3D GPU.
  2. i was previously using a amd hd radeon 4250 :D so i was hoping it'd be a big step up :(

    am i right in assuming the cpu can handle the witcher and it's simply that the gpu isnt even close to keeping up?

    are there any optimisations i could do? cut the witcher 3 down to absolute basics? and are you going to kill me for even suggesting that i could possibly play ark on this laptop ;p?
  3. you could try bumping the games exe from normal to high priority in task manager.
    it might give you a bump.
    also look in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc
    adjust the xml files. by turning the true statements to false to disable features like bloom.
  4. Hello... I'm not a Laptop GPU "master" or "Game play"... If the Game requires CPU rendering then your options are better in running it... If the game requires the GPU to render, then you will have problems. Research the "Game Engine" used and you will make a better choice in the Games and performance match for your laptop.
  5. sounds promising!

    i'll let you know if its help in about 15minutes! Just made one adjustment so far and set the gpu to "best peformance" in the control center.
  6. Hello... Run a WEI test on it... what are the #'s reported?
  7. CPU: 7.1
    RAM: 7.5
    Graphics: 4.6
    Gaming Graphics: 6.0
    Hard Disk: 5.9

    does that help? how are my scores?

    changing those settings for witcher 3 didnt seem to help, infact it in-game started to rain and that just made it slower haha.
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