Power Supply & UPS for my new hd 7950 3gb vapor-x oc edition

cpu - amd fx 8350 @ 4.00 ghz
mother board- asus M5A97 R2.0
ram- corsair veng. 2*4gb (1600 mhz)
gpu- amd sapphire hd 7950 3gb vapor-x oc edition
cpu cooler - corsair h80i
hard disk - western digital black 1 TB
power supply- corsair vs550 (550W)
ups- ICE 600va
optical drive - asus optical blu ray drive
OS- windows 10 home 64 bit
earlier i was using amd hd 7850 2gb ddr5 oc edition graphics card with the same specifications, i was able to play games very well.
but now, i switched to sapphire hd 7950 3gb vapor -x oc edition.
when i play game like GTA V , the ups continously gives beep sound and i get a grey screen of death within 30 seconds of playing the game.
i know that my gpu needs a minimum of 500w psu, and i have it, but what is the cause for this problem.
which component of my pc is causing the problem PSU (or) UPS (or) GPU. and what is the recommended PSU and UPS wattage for my specifications.
please help me guys !!!
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  1. This is your UPS?:

    So looking at the specs, something immediately jumps out:
    Input voltage 140-300W -> you may have been scraping under that, just, with a 7850, but an 8350 & 7950 will for sure pull over 300W from your UPS. So that's almost certainly your problem. Can you risk gaming without the UPS for a test, just to see if the problem goes away (thus confirming the UPS as the issue) -> though it's extremely likely that's your issue.

    The specs say the following:
    Backup mode Sounding every 10sec
    Low battery Sounding every sec
    Overload Sounding every 0.5sec
    Fault Continuously sounding

    Are you getting the "overload" warning -> sounding every 0.5 seconds?

    Those Corsair VS units aren't the best and I wouldn't recommend them. But they're not absolute junk and provided you don't overclock you're well within it's rated wattage. So it's not worth going out and replacing that. But it certainly looks like your UPS can't handle the sizable load of your new GPU. Do you need a UPS? Is your power that bad?
  2. yes,i use the ups that you have mentioned and i'm getting a overload sounding every 0.5 seconds. i will test connecting my pc without ups and reply as soon as possible.
    i have a input voltage 230v/60 hz .
    I'm not going to overclock, but i will play 6-8 hrs of high end games like gta5 etc,
    could my corsair vs550 handle that without any problem, and suggest a psu in corsair that suits best for my specs.
    -thank you
  3. Yeah, that's no surprise at all. There's no way an 8350 and 7950 can stay under 300W at the wall during heavy gaming. If you do need to run with a UPS, then you'll need a model that can output more like 500W at least.

    If you already own the VS550 I wouldn't be upgrading it. Just buy something better next time around. If you really want to replace it, list a online retailer that you use and I'll try and find a decent unit for you.
  4. rhysiam,
    bro i tested my pc without connecting to the ups, when i played the game( GTA V ) after few seconds , the grey screen of death(GSOD) occurs :( so, corsair vs 550 cannot handle my pc at heavy loads ?
  5. Well, now you're in a situation where you need to isolate the problem. It could be the PSU or GPU potentially. Have you got another PSU you can test it with? If not, have you got the budget to upgrade the PSU, which wouldn't be a bad idea anyway. If you still have the same issues with a different PSU then you can assume the GPU is your problem. But it's impossible to know for sure unless you have another PSU to test with.
  6. but it is a new gpu got it yesterday, are you sure that my gpu can have this problem
  7. Best answer
    Well something has a problem. Judging from your description, it's likely either the UPS, PSU or GPU. You eliminated the UPS as a cause, so it's not that. Which leaves GPU or PSU. You'd be unlucky to get a new GPU with issues - but it's certainly not unheard of. Was it brand new or second hand, because the 7950 haven't been sold new (in the west at least) for a while now.

    You need to isolate the problem by following the suggestions above.
  8. i got hd 7950 (new) as a replacement piece for my hd 7850, i will test my gpu with a different psu and i will inform you.
    -thank you
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