I have amd athlon II X2 4450e processor. Can I buy ddr3 nvidia 610 graphics card ?

Processor- Amd athlon II X2 4450e,
Motherboard- M5A78L-M LX
SMPS- 500W

Is Nvidia 610 a good and medium card for my CPU ?
And what is the best Nvidia or Radeon for my AMD Processor ?
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    Yes that card is a low end one that will run in almost any system. You may be asking the wrong question though, why are you buying the card?
  2. Because, My budget is under 3000 Rs. only.
    Is that a best card in this price for my CPU ?
    And Nvidia or Radeon is best for my AMD Processror ?
  3. While that card will be in your budget, does not mean it will do what you want it to do.
    If you expect it to play any modern games, or even older games unless they are quite a few years old, it won't.
    For new, you won't really get anything faster, but that would also depend on your local market. Something like a GT 630 is about $30-40 used on ebay, only issue with buying off ebay is that you can't test the card first and you can get a bad card easily.

    I'd look for a used card in your area like a Radeon 7750, GT630/730, Radeon R7 240, that should be in your budget used and will be much faster.
  4. Thank you.
    But, will GT 610 card have a problem with my AMD cpu?
    Because, I am already ordered that card.
  5. RISHAV MONDAL said:
    Thank you.
    But, GT 610 card will have a problem with my AMD cpu?
    Because, I am already ordered that card.

    The video card does not care what CPU it's paired with. Only thing that would affect that is motherboard compatibility and power amount.
  6. My motherboard's Company is ASUS.
    Model- M5A78L-M LX

    Will be any problem?
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