Using a ssd and hdd together

I want to use a ssd for my main programs and operating system and the hdd for all other programs. If I bought the sandisk ssd conversion kit ( which comes with cloning software, is it possible to keep your operating system on both drives (main and back up) and using the set up as mentioned above? (i.e. there will be no conflicts between using the hdd for the less demanding programs but also able to keep an overall copy of my operating system with the way I've set up my folders etc.)

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hi,

    I believe that the conversion kit is just a marketing eye catcher but I might be wrong. You can buy a SSD and install the OS on it while keeping back-up data on the hdd if that's your purpose.

    It basically runs the same as a regular hdd but faster.

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    That kit can come handy, specially that USB adapter that could be used with any drive but not all the way necessary. Cloning SW can be obtained for free, Macrium Reflect for instance.
    The rest is what sergiusrj said.
    Oh, another thing, make sure your SATA controller is set to AHCI before cloning or installing windows speaking of which it's better to do clean install.
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