crystaldiskinfo showing caution on my external harddisk

I purchased my netac 1TB external harddisk from aliexpress(yeah my bad) but now after about 6 months it stops working while copying and the songs and movies also buffers while playing and after checking it on crystaldiskinfo it is showing health as caution
any help
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  1. Get ANY and ALL you files off that drive NOW and get it RMA'ed. That thing will die on you any second. NO joke here backup your stuff if you value it.
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    Please only post question a single time.

    Also, it appears that your HDD is failing. Time for a replacement. I, too, would suggest you move your critical files elsewhere until a replacement can be secured.

    Good luck.
  3. Hey there, Shivam Dabas!

    Unfortunately, the other guys are totally right and your external HDD is failing fast. After you've backed up all your data from it, I'd recommend you contact your HDD manufacturer's customer support and send an RMA request. Since the external is fairly new, it should still be covered by the warranty and they can provide you with a replacement product. Refer to their official website for RMA process details.

    Best of luck!
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