R9 295X2 is my PSU powerful enough

Recently got a great deal on a R9 295X2 but I am having some trouble with it. Would an Antec 850 HPC be powerful enough - - The rest of the PC is a 3930K Asus P9x79 Pro mobo - no real overclocking. The main issue is at boot with displays not working etc.
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    Yes it can run your specs with that card.

    A Radeon R9-295X2 needs 52 amps on the 12v + rail and a 800 power supply with 2 - 6+2 pin PCIE power connections.

    Your Antec EXCEEDS the requirements.
  2. that should be enough wattage for those components. One of the parts must be faulty.
  3. OK so I managed to get my system back and running after the fiasco that is AMD Crimson drivers. I can run a few 3d marks then the computer will power off suddenly and reboot. I have had this before with my single R9 290 when play battlefront in 5760x1080 quite often but not so much at 1080p all with with the same setup and PSU. I don't think it is heat related as real temps shows everything within limits.
  4. actually I am going to close this thread as it might not be GFX related as such and SR-71's post is my answer
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