980 ti g1 gaming crashing with oc and without 20 min after game/stresstest

I just bought a 980 ti g1 gaming from gigabyte. The the other parts of the rig are a 6700k, ssd, water cooler for cpu. The card freezes/crashes 20 min after an extensive program/game. After opening the case and leaving it to run open, it delays the crash but whatever I do it crashes. I managed to get a 1560 mhz overclock, it lasted about 10 min and crashed aswell.A bit faster than it takes for it to crash while stock. The backplate is extremely hot to the point where it left burn marks on my hand after touching it. Could the cooler be faulty? Also im running on the 359 driver from nvidia. I just saw an update to 359.06 but will hold on. I could try running unlocked bios but if its not bios and cooler/driver, i could really get stuck.

EDIT: Running win 10. I know alot of people having problems on win 10. Also im a chrome user, heard thats a problem too. Will try mozila or something and see if it stops crashing.
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  1. does the video card fan spin while running?
  2. techguy911 said:
    does the video card fan spin while running?

    Ofcourse it spins... I just put it at 100% just to be sure the cooling isn't enough. Also sorry, misclicked you for best answer.
  3. what temps, idle and as close to crash as you can get?
  4. 34C idle, 73C at full load running kombustor with auto fan but with 100% fan it runs around the 70 degree range. I tried running stress test while the case is opened and on its side as to the video card be positioned facing up. That made it to run far better but still unstable. Blowing it with a hair dryer on max achieved temps of 63C and did not crash. It was running completely stable for over an hour. Im seriously thinking of either RMA or re-pasting the gpu.
  5. 73C should not be a problem in the slightest. rma
  6. 13thmonkey said:
    73C should not be a problem in the slightest. rma

    My thoughts exactly. Though the guy running the store i got it from didn't seem quite happy when i asked him if i can rma. lol
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