What are your thoughts on this Seagate backup drive?

Hey all. I got a good deal for the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop 8Tb External HD. Ive been reading reviews and and they are saying good things. Just wondering if anyone here had this harddrive and what your experience was with it.
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    My opinion regarding any Seagate external: don't buy it.

    That opinion is based on personal experience, not simply "what I read somewhere".

    I had no less than 3 Seagate externals fail on me within 6 months, all properly looked after & never dropped or jarred.

    I have 3 WD externals now, and they are still going strong after three years, in fact one if them is now in it's fifth year.

    Now, others will opine exactly the opposite to what I've said. I can only speak as I find, and I found Seagate's lacking in reliability and durability.
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