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I have a Intel Server using a LSI RAID Controller with 2 RAID configurations present. I use a RAID1 for my system/boot drive and RAID5 as data storage. I am using SAS drives for both off the same controller.

Recently my system drives were filling up ( 600gb) so I purchased 2 new 1TB drives as replacements. I broke the RAID1 separating the drives, took one drive offline and removed it replacing it with the larger 1TB drive. I then rebuilt the RAID1 successfully. After completion, I did the same to the 2nd 600gb drive and again a successful rebuild. I checked windows and the new Virtual Drive RAID1 showed the original size partition with the unallocated space present. Without thinking, I used a third party partition manager instead of Windows own tools to extend the RAID1 partition into the unallocated space. During the final stages of that process, the system blue screened and then would not boot again. I was able to recover the system to a bootable condition by replacing the two original RAID1 drives and start the process all over again.

After completing the process a second time, with success as before, now the unallocated space that should be there does not appear. Only the original 600gb of the original drives. Although the RAID controller does see the 1TB drives as the new drives. It does not appear in Windows Disk Manager or with any 3rd party partition managers that I have tried. I am thinking something got written to the new drives either during or prior to the crash that locked them to the smaller size.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to why? And what I can do to again regain the unallocated space that these new drives contain so that I may expand my system partition? I am thinking that I might be able to again break the RAID and clear the partitions on the drives one at a time but I am not sure this will work. It's been some time now since the original change of drives so I can not go back to the original drives without losing recent data.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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    It is because you are adding a 1TB to an orginally configured 600GB config so it will stay 600GB and not able to extend even if you replace both with 1TB's.

    What you need to do is one of two things.

    1) Toss the two 1TB's in if you have the space, make a RAID 1 of those guys first or

    2) Just use a program like macrium Reflect to make an offline image. You will have to install the program on another PC first (won't install on Server) and then make the rescue disk when you first run it.

    Then you can remove the drives, make the RAID, restore image to the new RAID 1 or if you have the RAID 1 already setup with new drives just clone the 600 to the 1TB and then you can customize the partition to extend before you clone it.

    most of the time adding a bigger drive to a smaller drive RAID and then swapping out the other doesn't always work. You need to Clone it or make a backup image then restore to the new RAID 1 to get the full space.
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