Samsung SSD 840 vs 850 pro 1tb

Hi i have on my laptop Samsung SSD 840 family with 500GB now want to upgrade it to Samsung 850 PRO with 1TB, and i have few questions:

1. if the 840 ran fine on my machine is the 850 will also be compatible?
2. can't find the 840 SATA version (2 or 3) - is that will be the same in the 850?
3. any other suggestions for alternative 1TB SSD drive?

Thanks for the helpers!
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    1. yes it will be fine. It's like having another drive on your pc.
    2. There's no point into knowing which SATA revision: sata revisions are retro compatible one to another. Be sure that your mobo is SATA 3 and you will be fine (in theory 3GB/sec = 357 MBytes x sec, by far more than the current SSD tecnlology can offer) . My advice would be buy a SATA 6 SSD, because they fixes some (lesser) issues and they adds some other features form one version to an another, but it's fine.
    3. I've found some OCZ drives. If you want more velocity you can consider a PCI-Express drive, but you know: they are too expansive for now...
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