Change monitor to display boot/bios/splash screen?

Hello again guys.
To be honest with you, I do hate this day. And this memory upgrade.
Just swapping two memory sticks first cost me bios reboot + problems with SSD, and now this - when I am trying to reboot system, for some reason it shows boot/bios screen on TV connected to this comp via DisplayPort. Not on one of two monitors connected via HDMI - on TV via DP.
Boot/bios screen and animated windows logo.
After that login screen with password and what comes next - everything in correct order.

I was trying to swap to monitors, was trying to disconnect TV and boot without it - it works fine, but I don't want to do that on every reboot... Was trying to boot without any monitors connected, then with just one and then all of them as was mention by some people - as soon as I connect TV via DP it all comes back to same problem, boot/bios screen moves to DigitalPort device.

Any ideas on how to fix it?

UPDATE: Just reinstalled system from image, but it's not helping.
Since bios bugged and been forced to reset after new memory installed, something turn into wrong directions.
If it's not Windows settings, or settings in GC, it should be ether bios or GC bios settings I guess.
Can't find anything in bios, not sure if it's possible to change anything in GC bios...

Windows 7 Ultimate, GTX750Ti, Acer Aspire TC-605 LGA1150
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  1. Any ideas? Thoughts? Hacks lol? :D:)
  2. Update 2: Uninstalled card, reinstalled fresh system, installed card back on fresh system - same.
    As soon as I am connecting TV as a 3rd monitor via DP to HDMI cable GC start using TV as a main monitor for bios boot/windows logo screen screen.
  3. I'm facing the same problem but with HDMI>dvi port. I think problem is with nvidia's bios they give priority in that order DP>HDMI>DVI. On radeon i never had that kind of problem. If you have found any solution, please post it.
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