[SOLVED] Malware chrome search engine

Hello everyone!

As the title says, my chrome installation is infected with a strange malware search engine.
Its name is ">" and I'm totally unable to delete it or at least set google to be the default.


I've already tired:
- Using HitmanPro
- Using Malwarebytes
- Using Windows Defender
- Using Webroot Secure Anywhere (my primary anti-virus)
- Deleting chrome completly via Revo Uninstaller
- Restoring default settings.

The search engine comes back even after a full clean install of chrome.
I can not change/delete/deactivate because when I try chrome says that "This setting is enforced by your administrator."

If anyone knows a solution please tell me!

Thank you in advance!
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  2. Oh my god my friend... I just watched the SAME video a minute before you posted it! :O :O :O But yeah it worked perfectly so thank you very much by the way! :D
  3. Your welcome , seen this issue a couple of other times.
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