How should I partition my SSD and HDD together

Ok, so i'm building my first pc, and I'm buying an SSD and an HDD for it.


I will be using the SSD as boot and some games/applications, and HDD as my main storage.

When I install my OS, do I just select the SSD to boot to, or will that make it so I can't use the rest of the SSD space? Should I partition it, so only some of the SSD is used for boot?

Also, how do I get an application to utilize the increased speed of the SSD while using HDD as storage? Lastly, when I install an OS to the SSD, does that mean the main C drive (my computer) and folders like downloads, pictures, etc. are in the SSD; is there a way to change that while installing? I'm not very experienced at this, so these questions might be really stupid.

Any answers, help, and tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
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  1. Only have the SSD connected when you install the OS. That way there is no way for the installer to get "confused" and install on the HDD. There are plenty of web pages on how to change documents, pictures, etc to a different drive.
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    Hey there, KChen1250!

    @kanewolf is totally right, you should make sure that you have the HDD unplugged from the SATA ports until you have successfully installed Windows onto the SSD. The OS confusion can cause a lot of annoyance and booting issues, which eventually will require you to re-install Windows from scratch again.
    I'd suggest you to take a look at these guides about SSD & HDD optimization, they are super-detailed and can help you a lot with the setup:
    Win 7 -
    Win 8 -

    Hope it helps. Best of luck! :)
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