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Hello I'm Daniel.I just bought a lg sunset and bought a micro sd for it. I was wondering how can i store my music on my sd and still play it through the music app? Same with playing apps.the phone came with only 4gb space on internal and id ratger use the sd card
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  1. Some Music apps let you access from SD card but not all.

    You need to access settings and see if it will let you choose SD card folders.
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    the few lg phones i have used will read the sd cardno problem with the stock music app. i made a music folder on my sd card and then just copy and pasted my music to that folder.

    the music app picked up on it no problem and plays it without issue. btw i have done this on an lg volt, g3 and g4 thus far
  3. sometimes an app requires the songs or albums to be in a folder specifically called "Music" (or Ringtones, or Notifications) in order to properly locate a particular type of audio file. also make sure it is in a specific format, some apps will not play certain formats like oggs or flac or so on.
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