Bios AND windows 10 cant detect hdd's


I recently bought a new samsung 850 evo 250 gb ssd for my gaming rig.
Beforehand i was running a 1tb os (windows 8.1) hdd + 1tb data hdd.

To install windows 7 on the ssd i had to disconnect the 2 hdd's and connect the ssd to my motherboard.

The windows 7 install went without problems, i updated to windows 10 afterwards. the boot time has gone to 0 seconds which is nice.
But when i wanted to reconnect the 2 hdd's they didn't even show up in the bios.

Formatting the hdd's wont be an option since they are both full of important data.

What should i do and how can i solve this?
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  1. Hey there, volksheld48.

    So I guess that you've checked Device Manager and Disk Management as well? I know that they're probably not detected there as your BIOS doesn't see them at all, but I've seen similar weird things. I'd recommend that you try those HDDs with a different computer, to see if you can access them and recover your files. You could also try Ubuntu Live USB/DVD to see if the drives are recognized, or some data recovery programs from here: and here:

    Please let me know how everything goes.
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