Price for performance Server vs Desktop CPU Gaming

Example scenario: E5-1660 vs. i7 4790K

On ebay, you can currently buy this E5 for around 250$ new, and the i7 costs 299$ (Currently 50$ sale, normally 350$)

Passmark Benchmarks:
E5 - 12595
i7 - 11227

I understand that the clock speeds are lower on the E5 by about .7 Ghz, but it can Turbo up to 3.9GHz and it scores a higher benchmark.

Will the i7 really beat out the E5 in gaming by enough to justify the price difference? (Disregard Motherboard prices for this example)
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    In gaming? In that case, the i7 will beat the Xeon no problem although the Xeon will still be VERY capable AND it is a 6 core with HT so if you do hardcore editing, rendering, streaming that will really give you a benefit of the Xeon's extra 2 cores (4 threads) then go right ahead with the Xeon. In gaming, the i7 will pull ahead and will pull even further ahead if you overclock it. The Xeon is still a worthy choice as it is $50 cheaper.

    You decide :)
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