Having AMD a10 7850k graphics problems fps non existant

Hope you guys can help me. I'm very new to all this. Just built a basic gaming rig for my boy with a AMD a10 7850k apu thinking it would play basic games at medium settings. Tried that and it sucked. I had a r9 270x from previous dead machine(lightning here in Aus is a bugger) and threw it in and it worked great. Just to sound like a complete dill what could I be doing wrong for this expensive apu to suck so bad. I tried valley and heaven out of curiosity and got 4fps at best. Checked for latest drivers and says they're latest available. Help he's gonna kill me soon.
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  1. What did you expect? 1080p Maxed out? no no no no no

    Most new games will run good only at low settings on the A10 APU. It is expected. 270X has miles higher performance than the integrated R7 graphics.
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