i7 4790k OC ?

So i have a i7 4790k, MSI Gaming 5 z97 chipset mobo and a cool master Seidon 120v.
I have overclocked this multiple times with different programs. used OC genie which is not great, but recently used intel extreme tuning. I am using 1.255v and have all four cores at 4.7ghz. CPU temperature is at 30c not during stress testing. I have stress tested this set up in the past for a 10 min using prime 95. My question is can i push this any higher? not going to be running this for every day just wanted to see what I could get to. Also do I need to stress test the set up every time I change the settings? Also what is the actual rule on voltage I know the higher voltage the decrease in life, but what is the actual cut off 1.3v or 1.25v for everyday use?
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    1) 4.7GHz is a pretty common ceiling for that chip. The folks at Tech Report's OC of that chip all averaged around 4.7:

    2) Yes, you should test the system under stress after each overclock to see if it is stable.

    3) The folks at Anandtech maxed their 4790k at 1.4V, which obviously had unhealthy temps as well. For stability you'll want to stay around 1.2V.

    Full Anandtech article:

    Here's another overclocking of the i7-4790k from Legit Reviews, basically says the same thing as above:
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