Low FPS on GTX 970 - I5 Procesor on almost every game

Hi Guys, I Need a little help (or maybe a lot)

My Rig is having trouble on low caped FPS (30-24) on almost every game. Is Something bottlenecking my system, it realy confusing
I mean Dota 2 and CSGO were supposed to be run smoothly on Max Setting, but I got 24 FPS on Dota 2 even on most potato setting

Details :
VGA : GTX 970 4gb Jetstream
Motherboard : B85i MSI Gaming
Proc : I5 4690 3,5 Ghz Haswell Refresh
RAM : 16 Gb DDR3
Storage : 128 GB SSD + 1 TB internal HDD
Cooler : H80 GT Corsair Hydro Series
OS : Win 10 Home
GPU : 650 Wat

Open Hardware monitor Screenshoot on Dota 2 and CS

I got 24 inch Dell Monitor S2415h. Can be my monitor bottlenecking ?
I update everything using iObit Driver Booster, and Instal every updates I can find. but it doesnt fix it
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  1. Best answer
    CPU stuck running at 800mhz...

    Try updating your bios to the latest version.
  2. RobCrezz said:
    CPU stuck running at 800mhz...

    Try updating your bios to the latest version.

    Motherboard BIOS you mean ?
    I already updated via MSI Live Update. is it possible the new MB BIOS is the one causing the problem ?
  3. Helo Again Guys

    I found a Solution for the problem. (After Reseting CMOS, Rollbacking BIOS, and other Stuff not working)

    The one that works is using simply using Thortle Stop (6.00 which support hashwell in my case)
    and Alakazam !! its workssss

    Just set the core value and untick BDprocHoT

    I think faulty sensor, cause the Thermal Thortle to Trigger

    Thx to RobCrezz for pointing it out
    and Thortle Stop guys for the awesome program. :D

    For people with similiar problem you might want to try it
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