Crossfire option in ccc doesnt show up, i have tried everything....

Well, the title says it all, here are my specs:

Mother Board: Asus m4A88TD-V
Ram: 8gb ( 4x2gb 1333)
CPU: Phenom II x6 1075T
GPU 1: msi R6770 twin frozr II
GPU 2: Sapphire HD5770

i have already conected the crossfire link, both video cards are detected but crossfire option in ccc is not shown, i have tried installing drivers with one cards first, with both, with the link, withouth the link, diferent versions of drivers, and now i have almost lost all hope, you guys are my last chance....

any suggestion would be appreciated, here is a link of what i see on gpu-z....
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  1. Try updating your motherboard BIOS.
  2. renz496 said:
    Try updating your motherboard BIOS.

    thanks for your answer, i have just updated to the latest version of my mobo, still no option....
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    Have you tried asking AMD support about the it?
  4. renz496 said:
    Have you tried asking AMD support about the it?

    Guess that would be my last chance, every search in google always returned me to this forum, and before asking here i try to put in practice everything that already was answered, ill give a go to AMD support. Thanks for your time.
  5. i figured it out, you have to launch ccc from radeon settings/crimson. by going to prefferences then additional radeon settings. then it should come up.
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