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hi gys i change my hp prodesk g1 micro tower case with another but i can't figure what the front panel connector so pleas help
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  1. Hello... You got to follow the wires ( power/Led/HD - usb - audio ) and sometimes separate them if bundled... going from HP to standard sometimes takes some cutting/de-pinning connectors re-pinning connectors and soldering.
  2. The Prodesk board is proprietary , so is the PSU I believe, so you might have an issue setting up a different case.
  3. i done the audio and the usb but i got stuc at the hdd led and reset and power led
  4. i already change the psu
  5. Hello... those are passive circuits... there is a polarity to LED's - but no damage can be done - but you will tell by operation, if it is backwards... Switches won't mater and will work without polarity concerns... got your MB layout picture?

    It is possible to have different wire colors/voltages going to your HP MB with a new standard ATX PS... This will damage a MB... Verify the wire colors ( voltages) are at the same location, when going from HP to Standard ATX PS's... with a HP MB.
  6. actually i dont have my motherbord layout pic and i can't tel the collor
  7. Hello... 1) the MB will have numbers/name on it for Google search or the HP website could have them too.
    2) are you color Blind?
    3) PS builders use a standard color code for wire Voltages...
  8. u know hp support is bad im trying to get the mob layout but i can't find it
  9. Hello... Use the MB silk screened #'s... for searches... and check image responses.
  10. i already know mob name and serial but i can't get the layout 4 it and what the bm silk sceen
  11. Hello... 1) Post a close up Digital picture of your MB and MB connector please...
    1) The MB silk screen/painted text... will have the Chinese makers marks on it... a lot of image posts on the net... other than HP's site, can be found... along with forum posts with your exact same question answered.
  12. i think im gonna go to pc repair thx for ur replie
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