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Hey. New guy here. I've been experiencing a micro stutter (over 3-8 secs) while playing Titanfall. It happens quite often, and it's really annoying. Screen freezes a little, every sec, until it completely freezes. The same happens with the sound. A seconds later all get back to normal. It seems to happen only with this online game (so far, i've tried Bo3, pvz garden warfare, fallout 4, gta v, most of them offline). But it also happens while in OS sometimes (windows 10)
Sistem specs are:
CPU: i7 4790k
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth z97 mark1
Memory: 3x gskill sniper 1600mhz, 1x gskill trident-x 2400mhz all of 4gb (total memory 16gb)
GPU: 2x radeon r9 290
PSU: Sentey MBP 1000-hm (1000W)
Has any of you have a simmilar issue?
Sorry about my english, it's my second language.
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  1. In games that sounds like V-sync is turned on and do you have a lot of programmes running in the background??

  2. Actually, i do, and it's turned on, but forget to mention, system and game are both running in separate ssd disks. Crossfire is on, and the game moves really smooth in "insane" quality, AA on, even with v-sync on. Besides, system + game running jsut uses 5.5gb memory. Don't think it can relate to how many process are running background. I'll try to turn it off when i get home, just to make sure.
    Thanks a lot to reply!
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