Please help on creating backup for my Android phone.

Hi I am not a tech geek and I've got an Android phone in which I want to sell it out to 2nd hand market .

Now there are lots of contacts / SMS messages / photos on my phone. I don't know how to back up them to computer/Google..... I don't know their sources...I don't know (especially the contacts) if they were from my SIM card
or from the Google accounts connected. I am so confused now

I wish to backup everything (or at least contacts ,SMS, and photos) to a single place (on the web), and I can easily restore them to a new phone.....

Please help... I have using smartphone for years but never spent real efforts on studying how to do those sync things. I am worried data getting lost.....
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    Hi ,I DON'T do this before ,but I find an answer from this .Hope this helps !
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