Should I use Intel SATA Controller Driver instead of Windows 8.1 Inbuilt Driver to get best speed for my SSDs ?

I'm attaching screen shots of benchmark result..

Samsung 850 Evo 120 GB -

Samsung 850 Pro 512 GB -

So, what you guys think ? Am I getting slow speed by using windows default SATA Controller Driver ?
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    There's nothing slow there, those different results are at the level of statistical error and no way that it would be noticeable at all !!!
    BTW: You are using wrong benchmark, it's made for HDDs not SSD. is much better at benchmarking SSDs.
    Another thing, you didn't benchmark 4K and 4K-64Thrd, they are way more important for work. Speed you were checking is for copying files and can wary a lot in everyday use depending on file size and type.
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