Very high Raw Read Error Rate for S.M.A.R.T.

So I noticed my fairly new 3TB hard drive is giving me some grief.
Read speed goes between 25MB/s to 38 MB/s.
Write speed. 512KB/s (yes, thats what I'm getting on average)
Large or small files. same result.
I downloaded and ran Disk Checkup by PassMark and took a look inside

The self test reports everything is fine.
The SMART Info tab is confusing me a little bit.

The Raw Read Error Rate Has a much higher Raw value than any of my other hard drives. Many fold higher. Is that a concern?

How else do I interpret information from this screen?

The Hard drive is a 3TB Seagate. new-ish. 8 months if my order history is correct.

See stats here
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  1. Seagate has a diagnostic program. I would run it and see what it says....
  2. I downloaded the tool. ran some tests. ran short generic and all came back green. so... no real solutions. or am I missing something?

    I get to wondering if that part of the disk is raw/empty/unallocated , the tool cant ''read'' or detect anything and causes a error to pop up ??

    if the drive passes and completes the smart test [long] like from seatool or like wd's data life guard its called a good drive

    if the drive cant finish the long test and marks something as failed its a failed drive and should be replaced [opinion]
  4. Have you tried the obvious? Replace the SATA cable.
  5. thanks for the advice. I'll try a new SATA cable once I can get one. don't have any spares at the moment. For now I'll run long tests
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