Graphics card seems to be messed up, can't find a way to use integrated gpu?

Hi, unfortunately I'm not very experienced with pc components but I'll try to be specific with my problem. I have a nvidia GTX 560 graphics card. A few months ago I started getting screen artifacts, blue screen of death and no image when booting windows. Anyone I asked tells me it's most likely the graphics card causing problems.

So, a friend told me to just remove the GTX 560 card and use the integrated gpu to see if everything will work then. I just removed the gpu, but i realize that now I have nowhere to plug my monitor in. My motherboard is ASUS P8H67, there doesn't seem to be a vga port on it. My CPU is Intel 2500(k?), i'm not exactly sure as it's not written on it. From what i can understand from reading web sources, this CPU is supposed to have integrated graphics, but i still don't understand how to connect the monitor to it. Maybe i'm doing something wrong here because as I said I have very little knowledge about this.

What I'm trying to do is use the integrated gpu (if possible,i'm not even sure i have it) so I can get to my data on the hard drive and get some basic functionality back, as well as to confirm that it is indeed my nvidia card that was causing problems.

Perhaps it would be easier to just try a different graphics card but i don't have another one. Any help is appreciated.
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    Can't use the integrated graphics due to the motherboard. Have to try a different graphic card
  2. intel i5 2500 doesn't have integrated video , change CPU or buy another graphic card
  3. carlo_bigtunes said:
    intel i5 2500 doesn't have integrated video , change CPU or buy another graphic card

    It does but the motherboard has to support the integrated graphics with display connectors else it is useless.
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