VSync - 30fps instead of 60fps - Screen tearing, Help?

Hi, need some light shedding, i have a decent pc, but still the same issues.

Right so, almost every other game, be it GTA 5, Batman AK , etc, i have this issue, where if Vsync is off i get screen tearing ( normal, i know ) if Vsync is on, for the most part it's 60fps, but if it drops below 54-53 or what not , due to a more gpu intensive scene, it'll go down to 30fps and lock until it's a less intensive scene then back to 60 and so on, this is rather annoying, is there no permanent fix? Other than buying a G-Sync monitor? I do use d3doverrider and radeon pro, but this isn't a nice solution, and they don't always work.
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    Nope unless you use a gsync or freesync monitor its pretty much the same try using dynamic vsync on radeon pro if you can live with a little tearing if not try using triple buffering.To improve input lag cap your fps to 58 and try now.
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