Is it required to clean custom loop d5 pump before assembling?

My custom loop supplies just arrives and I am excited to install it all. But is it required to wash the d5 pump? I know I have to wash the res and the rad, but what about the pump? And if so, how do I wash the pump and are there any disassemble of the d5 pump required? Yet again, if so, how do I properly disassemble the pump? Thanks
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  1. I like to use the pump to clean the rad. it is not 100% necessary as it has all plastic parts and will not have metal shavings like the other equipment but just kill 2 birds with one stone and use the pump to push water (distilled) through the rad.
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    I use a vinegar solution to rinse the pump off before use. Rinse, well, then it should be good. This removes any nasties that may have grown inside.

    To dissassemble the D5, you simply have to remove the large ring on the outside by unscrewing it, and separate the top from the base of the pump, noting the O-ring. Then inside, you will see the impellar. This is held in with magnet and can be removed by pulling out on it.

    When reassembling, make sure the O-ring is in place before tightening the outer tightening ring.
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