Uncertain about power-up issues, very strange. Can't find what's wrong.

I've been using my PC solidly for 2 years now, normally putting it into sleep mode when not in use. Unfortunately I'm now required to do the following to turn on the PC:
1> Press case power on
2> Turn off at PSU
3> Turn on at PSU
4> Press case power on

To boot. It passes POST, case fans disks spinning and what not at stage 1, but the keyboard, mouse and GPU have no output. It works fully functional after step 4, but it's becoming irritating as I'm required to have my pc fully accessible on my desk. The fact that it works perfectly with the above settings confuses me, I can't limit it down to one single component. I've also restored and tried various BIOS settings, with no hope. This is a fairly recent issue, observed it for around 2-3 months. Any ideas?
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  1. If it helps, the operatign system is Windows 7, if it helps. I'm fairly proficient with these sorts of issues, but this has completely stumped me.
  2. Update:
    This has just shown for the first time, I haven't overclocked my PC so far. Any ideas?
  3. Update: Unable to reproduce the image above, still haven't progressed towards a cause or a solution yet.
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