Best Return Policy store to buy GPU's from? (America)

So one thing I like to take into account is how will the return policy go into play if I receive a defected GPU? As far as I can see most sites offer a 30 day replacement policy. Anyone know of any who do refunds? From what I can tell from Newegg most of their GPU's are on a replacement only policy. I like to have the option to get my money back if I decide to go that route instead of getting a replacement card (Try my chances with a different GPU brand or just save up for a better one) But again in terms of Newegg I see most, if not all of their high end GPUs only being on a replacement policy.

What Sites/Stores do you guys recommend to buy from with a multi choice return policy? (Mostly speaking of both Replacement and Refund options for the first 30 or more days)
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    As far as I know Newegg has the best return policy on purchases, their customer support is highly rated. Amazon may be up there also but I don't know wht the return policy is on CPUs. The reason they have a replacement instead of a money back is that they don't want people buying a CPU, then seeing it's too slow or changing their mind and returning it to get a different one and they end up with a used CPU.
  2. Best Buy. You can order on-line, then make returns directly to the store with no questions asked. They will also price match your purchase if you find it cheaper at any point during the first 30 days.
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