Building a 5820K with the NVMe 950 SSD what motherboard to pick?

So my question is could you advice me on the parts that I have picked mainly I need advice on the motherboard

I am building this pc for light-room and Photoshop mainly but want to game on it as well. I/O and data management are key as I have up to 4TB of data each year ( and growing). I will try to over clock the 5820 to 4.2GHz. This is my first build ever so I want ease of installing and the M2 950 seems to worry me.

What motherboard to use with the 950? I also want over-clock abilities (not aiming to break records just 4.2 ish on the 5820 would be enough) and I wonder if there are m2 connection compatibility issues does M2 "turbo" matter?

Does the fact that I only have 28 PCIe lanes matter ( only want 1 video card but thinking of expending the storage as I grow into it) or is 5930 better with the 950? Some motherboards will take of the Sata slots but its a PCIe connection, so Is that hampering the full speeds of the 950? Is the 950 not worth it at all right now as its just new technology and is it better to save that money and wait and put in a SSD heard that PS and LIghtroom could not handle multiple cores that well so are they NVMe ready?

I also whant the best speeds out of my NAS/DAS in the future so I need USB 3.1 but perhaps also thunderbolt, really would like a motherboard thats future proofed connection wise, 3.1 type C perhaps or can I put some PCI to thunderbolt / usb type C in later?,

I now have the MSI X99A GAMING 7 ATX LGA2011-3 Motherboard at €283.00 EU whats are the better options out there at a 300 350 price range, or even cheaper price ranges I want bang for the buck do not need elite stuff just need reliable and easy to use motherboards because I am a first time user.

This is my build what do you think of my over all choices ?

*Edited the links, that was stupid also new to this website, really want to delve into the 950 questions, although I also need to balance out my build, where should this thread go into ?
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