recovering data from a recalled Seagate 3TB hard drive. Using a Sata to usb failed, my imac did not even recognize the hard dr

I recently began having issues with my late 2012 imac with a 3.4 gHz intel core i7. Performance, delays etc. Ultimately, it was determined my imac was one of those with a faulty 3TB SeaGate hard drive. Like an idiot, I hadn't backed up any of my data. Apple returned me the "faulty" drive and said I could retrieve data from it. Using a SATA to usb along with apple tech support I couldn't even get my imac to recogcize the hard drive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hey there, ntezbnggreen.

    You can try out some data recovery programs for Mac OS X, or try accessing it via Ubuntu Live USB/DVD, to see if the drive is properly recognized and if you can get to your files ( Other than that, perhaps the most viable option in your case would be a professional solution, such as a data recovery company.

    Hope that helps.
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