Will my PC support the GPU upgrade?

I have the following build:

- CPU: AMD A10 6800k
- GPU: Integrated in the CPU
- PSU: Corsair CX600M (Not sure if that's the name but has 600W and bronze plus)
- Motherboard: F2A85-V PRO
- RAM: Kingston 2x4GB 1600Mhz

I want to upgrade GPU to Asus GeForce GTX 750 Ti.

And my question is if my PSU(Power supply) will support this upgrade and if my motherboard supports it.
If not I'd like also like to know what's the best alternative.
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  1. Yes your motherboard supports that GPU. Also your PSU is more than big enough, the CX series are a cheaper PSU and usually not recommended, but at 750W you are not going to be pushing it too hard so it will be fine.
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    If it has 750W yes (but's it's not the CX600, and if it is the CX600 I'd change it, won't use the CX series, they use cheap caps)
  3. Why do you think they're not recommended?It's 80plus bronze..
    F*** I just selected the wrong answer as the correct answer how can I modify?
  4. @pete_101 & @Tradesman1 I mean my PSU is 600w not 750 I mistaken with the gpu name, will it still work? :s
  5. A 600W Corsair CX series PSU, while not a good make, should be fine. You have a 100W CPU and want to add a 60W GPU, even with case fans and HDD you will never exceed 200W, so I don't see any problems. However for any major future upgrades, you would want to get a better make of PSU.
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