Taking plastic shielding off of motherboard

I was wondering if there was any way to take the plastic shielding off of the side of this motherboard:


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  1. a) which part exactly (I honestly see a lot of stuff that looks like plastic shielding)
    b) why?
  2. Yeah, what "plastic shielding" do you mean?
  3. Just buy a board without it
  4. The stuff on the left over the IO. I hate the 'extreme' on it tbh :D
  5. Just paint it.
  6. If you really must get rid of it, there are several black screws on the back side of the motherboard that should be holding it on.
  7. gimmethedonut said:
    The stuff on the left over the IO. I hate the 'extreme' on it tbh :D

    You hate it? That looks better than the bare IO ports and their solder connections. But to each his own, I guess. It looks like it is part of the entire side of the board. Might have to remove the whole one side. Might as well get a different board if the appearance isn't to your liking.
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