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Okay, so i want to find a modded bios for my dell latitude d510, because i want to use more than 2 gb of ram, but the stock bios doesnt allow that. (because dell want you to buy a new computer, not upgrade your old one) i tried googling it, but i found nothing.
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  1. I don't know offhand, but the 2GB max may be from the Chipset/Memory Controller. Neither an official BIOS update, nor a modded BIOS will be able to bypass that.
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    This PC is 8 years old, it supports a maximum of 2-1gig sticks of DDR2 400/533 mhz memory. When it first came out, it came standard with a single 256 meg stick. If its not getting the job done for you, adding more memory even if you could, is not going to help much. Its time for a new laptop.
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