My first build. Is this a good PC for 1080p gaming?

Pretty much what the title says.

Link to PC:

Any suggestions? Any thing to get the price under 700?


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  1. * Instead of getting Fx-6350 invest the money on GPU. Fx-6300 & Fx-6350 performance is identical in most case.
    * That PC Case is not good at all. It has bad Airflow & the parts setup is pretty much hefty.
  2. Do you have an case suggestions? Must be MATX, under 14 in tall, and 10 in wide. I would like a window.
  3. I have included already.
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    That looks like agreat rig for 1080p. I wouldn't worry at all for most big titles. Try and squeeze in the budget for an SSD if you can though. You really do notice the difference.
    Are you planning to overclock? If so, it might also be worth your beans to go with the CM Hyper 212 EVO. It has built a bit more of a name for itself. And if you're not overclocking, just stick with the stock cooler, it is good enough for stock speeds :)
    Those are extremely minor details though, your rig looks great as is and you won't have any problems running games.
  5. Also, later down the road, do you think it would be worth it to crossfire with another gpu?
  6. Is Crossfire worth? My answer would be Yes & No.
    For Yes, crosfire will defineitly give you better performance.
    For No, if you chose 270X, then even after you crossfire your GPU Vram will be same as 2GB. It's not like that 2+2=4. Since most games are focused on GPU. Vram is a important factor to those games. PLus, If you add another [270X or 380] you need to change your PSU to get a higher quantity [750W~]
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