Upgrade gpu+psu+case or cpu+mobo+ram+cpu cooler for gaming?

Wellcome to my thread

I have a huge dilemma here

My father gave me his not so high end pc its this:
A6 3500
2x4gb 1600mhz kingston ddr3 ram
Radeon hd 7750
500gb hitachi hard drive
Codegen 400w psu
M-Tech FM12A-BK case

He will give me 1 of thiese 2 kits for upgrade (at xmas) (i cant choose both i cant change anything in neither kit)
Cooler Master Storm Trooper SGC-5000-KKN
Super Flower Leadex Platinum 1200W SF-1200F14MP
MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB GDDR5 384bit PCI-E (GTX 980Ti LIGHTNING)
Samsung 850 pro 1tb ssd

I7 6700k
Adata XPG Z1 2X4GB 3333Mhz DDR4 CL16 DIMM
Swiftech h240-x (no idea how to fit it in my current case but i cant change it :/)
Samsung sm951 512gb

He said i can only go with one of thies as it will cost him around 300$ from a friend (i think it will cost a lot more but i degress :D )

I only use computers for gaming
I have never oced anything but it doesnt sound so hard so i might try it
I cant sli a card like that later its unlikely i will have that kind of money before i finish school xD (and that will happen like 7 years later)

Which upgrade would you go with?
Thank you my friends
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  1. your father is a cruel man lol. basically either 1 of these setups is going to very bottlenecked and you wont get a good gaming experience from either. In option 1, your old CPU is really going to limit the performance of the 980ti (which is a fantastic card).

    In option 2, you have a brilliant CPU, but you'll be running an hd7750, which isn't any good for todays games.

    My advice, go option 2, you need a new CPU and decent mobo to start things off with. See if your dad can scrap the RAM (8GB DDR3 1600Mhz is sufficient for nearly all games at present) and you may be able to overclock the RAM to 1866 or 2133Mhz on that board. Also scrap the cooler and hdd, and with that money see if you can get a GTX970. you will have a nice rig then, and you can always sell the 970 at a later point and get a 980ti to make it a BEAST.

    EDIT: you'll need a better PSU for option 2 as well, damn these options are tough!
  2. Thank you for your reply ;)

    xD he is not as much as you think
    The second option includes ddr4 on the speed of 3333 by default i cant use my old ram in that because the motherboard needs ddr4 :(

    i also get 512gb of sm951 in the second option the hdd i can scrap but my old hdd its dieing loosing data giving bsod if i use some space :/ the 512gb ssd is plentty for me anyway ;)

    but my codegen 400w has terrble rewievs on the internet im afraid it can fry 1000$ in days if i just put it next to that crap :/
  3. Sure you want me to reuse the cooler o.O its like the most basic amd stock cooler it even suffered and screamed with that apu i rather not torture it with a 95w tdp cpu :(

    Man... The gtx 970 is like way way too expensive xD i could afford maybe a gt210 lol :D
    The gtx 980 ti is even more lol
    without this option i dont think i can ever buy that card xD
  4. Oh forgot to mention i rather not just take the more expensive offer and sell it for parts because xmas gifts always have a special place in my heart :D
    and i also think selling gifts is kind of rude :/

    One more small note i almost only play starcraft 2 and my screen res is 1440x900 ;) if it matters xD
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